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The World Wide Web and internet are an integral part of the modern world of communication. The internet is a collection of computer networks connected via the TCP/IP protocol. The World Wide Web is an information space where information is identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) via the internet. There are many different registered host names (often beginning with www) and IP addresses used for web addresses, which may also include a specific port number. Use Wolfram|Alpha to explore data for websites, domains, ports and geoIP look ups.

Website Data

Track visitors to web domains and explore the resulting collection of data.

Get information about a URL:

Compare domains:

Get the size of the Wikipedia site for a particular language:

Calculate online advertising revenue:

Top-Level Internet Domains

Explore the various categories of top-level internet domains (TLDs).

Get information about a top-level internet domain:

Get a list of the top-level internet domains:

Find information about a property of a top-level internet domain:

IP Lookup

Perform IP address lookups on web domains rather than use a registered domain name.

Get information about an IP address:

Calculate subnet masks:

Port Numbering

Query for different types of internet processes or services that can be denoted in a URL. For example, port 80 is the default for HTTP.

Find a port assignment:

Find a port assignment for a specific protocol:


  • Hashing
  • GeoIP

    Look up the location of an internet requester based on their IP address via geoIP services.

    Look up your IP address and estimate your location: