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Human Body Measurements

Body measurements are used as a reference to know one’s body, maintain a healthy body weight and keep track of children’s growth and development. Wolfram|Alpha computes various body measurement statistics, including height, weight and body mass index (BMI), taking into account factors such as gender and age.

Body Measurements

Explore body characteristics, including body composition and organ properties, based on your height, weight, gender and age.

Compute various body statistics based on height and weight:

Specify age and/or sex:

Specify an age category:

Body Surface Area

Estimate body surface area using height and body weight measurements.

Estimate body surface area:

Body Mass Index

Find your body mass index (BMI) based on your height and body weight and mark the result on a BMI map.

Compute a body mass index:

Compute a weight corresponding to a BMI:

Growth Charts

Assess the physical development of children using growth charts. Find weight or height distribution and growth percentiles based on your child’s gender and age.

Compute growth charts for a given age:

Specify age and sex:

Specify height and/or weight:

Specify a percentile:


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  • Physical Exercise
  • Metabolic Rate

    Compute basal metabolic rate and energy expenditure based on your age, gender, height and body weight.

    Compute metabolic rate and energy expenditure: