Examples for

Step-by-Step Arithmetic

Basic Arithmetic

Use manipulatives and number lines to visualize addition or subtraction:

See step-by-step solutions for doing basic multiplication or division problems:

Utilize divisibility rules to check whether one number is divisible by another:

Long Subtraction

See how to subtract whole numbers step by step:

See how to subtract decimals step by step:


See the steps for writing a fraction in reduced form:

Follow the steps to convert an improper fraction to a mixed number:

Get a step-by-step solution for raising a fraction to a power:

Base Systems

See the steps for doing arithmetic in base 10:

See each step of long arithmetic with binary numbers:

Perform step-by-step arithmetic in an octal base system:

Learn the steps for adding or subtracting integers in multiple bases:

Long Addition

Get the steps for doing long addition with whole numbers:

Get the steps for doing long addition with decimals:

Long Multiplication

Perform the steps for long multiplication with whole numbers:

Perform the steps for long multiplication with decimals:

Fraction Arithmetic

Explore step-by-step methods for adding fractions:

See how to subtract a fraction from a fraction:

Learn how to multiply fractions step by step:

View the steps for dividing a fraction by another fraction:


Free Unlimited Arithmetic Practice Problems


  • Arithmetic
  • Elementary Math
  • Fractions
  • Long Division

    Get a step-by-step solution for long division of whole numbers:

    Find the quotient and remainder for a division problem:

    Multiple Operations

    See the steps for applying the order of operations for arithmetic:

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