Examples for

Data Input

Directly input numeric or tabular data for instant analysis.

Data Input

Automatic Analysis

Analyze salaries and statistics for college faculty members:

Analyze roofing material costs in different cities:

Analyze funds raised by political candidates:

Analyze three months of Intel stock data:

Analyze a list of credit card expenses:

Analyze a subset of Enron email correspondences:

Analyze movie purchases in different states:

Analyze costs of flights starting in London:

Analyze a list of cities along the Silk Road:

Analyze data on the GDP vs. homicides for African countries:

Analyze a timeline of personal emails:

Analyze median house prices in Boston spanning 21 years:

Analyze Titanic survivors by gender, age and class:

Analyze daily temperatures in Rome over 10 years:

Geographic Data

Generate heat maps for GDP and homicide data for African countries:

Solve a traveling salesman problem for cities on the Silk Road:

Statistical Analysis

Perform an analysis of variance on funds raised by political candidates:

Do a regression analysis on Titanic survivor data:

Data Visualization

Visualize a timeline of personal emails:

Generate a histogram from costs of flights from London:

Time Series Analysis

Compute time series statistics for daily temperatures in Rome:

Analyze the growth of median house prices in Boston:

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