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Let Wolfram|Alpha surprise you with countless fun facts, features and functions, from jokes and riddles to instant image transformations. Trade pop-culture references with Wolfram|Alpha, jog your memory about classic tongue twisters or nursery rhymes, see your favorite celebrities rendered as complex mathematical curves or explore wild formulas for calculating everything from warp speed to the shaking frequency of a wet dog.


Get personal with Wolfram|Alpha.

Have a conversation with Wolfram|Alpha:

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Handwritten Style

Let Wolfram|Alpha write out the answers by hand.

Find information in handwritten style:

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Explore or test your knowledge of classic aphorisms and witticisms.

Complete an aphorism:

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Famous Lines

Ask Wolfram|Alpha about famous movie lines and catch phrases.

Complete famous lines from songs and movies:

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Tongue Twisters

Say these tongue twisters ten times fast.

Tell a treasure trove of tongue twisters:

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Nursery Rhymes

Refresh your memory about classic nursery rhymes.

Complete a nursery rhyme:

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