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Household Math

Whether you're needing to measure ingredients in the kitchen or calculate the sale price of a discounted item, Wolfram|Alpha is the perfect tool for answering math problems encountered in everyday life. Convert between standard and metric units during travels, add or multiply fractions for a baking recipe, calculate the percentage of a purchase to apply a discount or tip, compare different tire sizes and much more.

Simple Math

Do basic arithmetic calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Do basic arithmetic:

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Simple Fractions

Add, subtract, multiply or divide fractions.

Add fractions:

Do exact arithmetic with fractions:

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Simple Percentages

Calculate a specified percentage of a number or convert a fraction to a percentage.

Convert a fraction to a percentage:

Calculate a percentage of a quantity:

Compute a discounted price:

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Word Problems

Get the solution to a math word problem.

Solve a word problem:

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Linear Equations

Find the solution to a simple linear equation.

Find the solution to a simple linear equation:

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Simple Geometry

Get information about geometric shapes.

Compute properties of a plane figure:

Compute properties of a regular polygon:

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