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A1.Sequence of exponentials

Added Jul 5, 2015 by coth123 in Mathematics

Khảo sát về dãy số lũy thừa -To study on sequence of exponentials . Saigon 23/10/2017 cohtran MMPC-VN

A1 . 2D 3D Equation Plotter

Added Dec 3, 2016 by coth123 in Mathematics

Vẽ đồ thị hàm số 2D , 3D . To plot the 2D and 3D equations . Saigon 15/12/2017 cohtran MMPC-VN

Priesečník roviny a priamky

Added Jan 8, 2019 by TommyMadaras in Mathematics

The intersection of a plane (given by equation) and a line (given by two points) in 3-D space

Calcolatore equazioni

Added Jan 8, 2019 in Mathematics


Recipe Nutrition Calculator

Added Jan 2, 2019 by i001962i in Health & Medicine

Recipe Nutrition Calculator test

Integral Calculator

Added Dec 30, 2018 in Mathematics

a simple Integral calculator using wolframealpha

Integral Calculator

Added Dec 30, 2018 by aminostudio in Mathematics

Simple mathematical calculator for Integral.

Bus ride from Kajang to Sungai Petani

Added Dec 26, 2018 by AnupamGupta in Transportation

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Password Entropy For Diceware Passphrases

Added Dec 23, 2018 by DrasticDelima in Web & Computer Systems

This is a simple implementation of a diceware entropy calculator. It assumes that a user is following the diceware method precisely and NOT selecting their own passphrase.

system of equations calculator

Added Dec 22, 2018 by jackranda in Mathematics

integration of

G12.I.3 PT LOG-TICHSO (bt9)

Added Dec 20, 2018 by coth123 in Mathematics

Giải phương trình log - tích số . To solve the logarithmic equation - factorized (bt9) . cohtran MMPC-VN

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