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Resistor Color Decoder

Added Jun 21, 2020 by RossRobotics in Engineering

Decode the color bands of resistors

LED Current Limiting Resistor

Added Jun 21, 2020 by RossRobotics in Engineering

Resistor value for LED circuits

Limit calculator

Added Jun 2, 2019 by MrRobot in Mathematics


B.E.S.T. Score Calculator

Added Dec 7, 2016 by 2br-2b in Sports & Games

This calculates scores for the BEST Robotics Competition (bestinc.org).

Robotics Stuff1

Added May 9, 2014 by XDfutures in Engineering

Template for solving inverse kinematics to a specific 4 DOF robotic arm


Added Sep 26, 2012 by maddy529 in Education

It is all about the interaction with the Nao robot.

Resistor Builder

Added Jul 14, 2011 by robotics13 in Engineering

Find resistor color codes and build networks of standard resistors to approximate input resistance.

Resistor Solver

Added Jul 13, 2011 by robotics13 in Engineering

Calculate resistance from color bands on resistors.

Astronomy Object Next Rise Time

Added Apr 2, 2011 by robotics13 in Astronomy

Compute the next rise time for different astronomy objects.

Wheeled vehicle speed calculator

Added Aug 3, 2010 by paul-pololu in Engineering

Computes the speed of a wheeled robot from the motor speed and wheel diameter.


Added Aug 19, 2010 by robot in Dates & Times

Display The WORLD TIME

Gear Ratio Calculator

Added Jan 20, 2011 by robotics13 in Mathematics

Converts gear ratios to lowest terms and nominalizes gear ratios to 1 for easy use in other calculations.

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