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adding proper velocities

Added Apr 21, 2019 by propervelocity in Physics

Adds proper velocity (map distance per unit traveler time) of "a" with respect to "b" to that of "b" with respect to "c" to get the proper velocity wac of "a" with respect to "c" in (1+1)D.

Probability of m failures

Added Jan 5, 2012 by propervelocity in Statistics & Data Analysis

Calculate the binomial probability for m failures from N trials, given a success probability for each trial of 0 < p < 1.

score to grade conversion

Added Jan 5, 2012 by propervelocity in Education

This widget converts numeric scores to numeric grades given first and second moment information on class scores and model grades.

Human-centered 1/kT in ZB/Cal

Added Aug 10, 2010 by propervelocity in Weather

Find the coldness of ambient relative to the human basal value in natural units (about 176 ZB/Cal absolute) given temperature in historical units. For more see http://arxiv.org/abs/physics/0606227

Various energies

Added Aug 12, 2010 by propervelocity in Education

We encounter energy in many applications with different units. The quantities in the first units menu of this widget provide clues to how they relate. What quantities would you add to the list?

Hole-depth from fall-time for dropped rock

Added Aug 26, 2010 by propervelocity in Education

How deep is a hole neglecting air drag given: (i) the time it takes for a dropped rock to hit bottom, and (ii) the acceleration due to gravity?

speeds/times vs. x on 1st leg of a 1ly/y^2 ~

Added Aug 26, 2010 by propervelocity in Physics

Use this to plot coordinate-velocity in ly/y, map-time in years & proper-velocity in ly/ty, plus proper-time in ty versus position x for the first leg of a constant proper-acceleration round trip.

From J/K to kibibytes

Added Aug 26, 2010 by propervelocity in Technological World

Inspired by the Information Storage Unit Converter widget, this converted historical information units like J/K & binary multiples until the widget-engine started confusing bits, nats, bans & J/K.

One-gee proper-acceleration trips:

Added Aug 27, 2010 by propervelocity in Physics

Figure proper (traveler) & map times elapsed, plus proper & coordinate speeds, vs. distance traveled for a constant proper-acceleration round trip ala arXiv:physics/0110020.

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