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Added Aug 2, 2019 by JeffersonRBDP in Mathematics

Segunda Derivada

Climate change widget

Added Jan 30, 2017 by agentjeffturnbull in Weather

climate change

Target Heart rate

Added Nov 19, 2015 by jeffreywarley in Health & Medicine

Calculate your Target Heart Rate

Distance from the sun

Added Mar 12, 2015 by jeffw27 in Astronomy

Distance from the sun to the planets orbiting it.

Names of planet moons

Added Mar 12, 2015 by jeffw27 in Astronomy

Names the moons of each planets.

Planetary orbital periods

Added Mar 12, 2015 by jeffw27 in Astronomy

The time it takes a planet to orbit.

Solve Quadratic Equations

Added Jun 20, 2014 by jeffpoulin in Mathematics

Solve quadratic equations

Derivative Calculator

Added Dec 10, 2013 by Jeff.2717 in Mathematics

Calculates derivatives and offers step by step

What's Healthier?

Added Oct 28, 2013 by kjeffers in Food & Nutrition

FOOd vs FOOd

Gene Lookup

Added Jul 25, 2013 by jeffereno in Life Sciences

Gene Lookup

SLA Laptop Depreciation Calculator

Added Feb 26, 2013 by jeffkess in Computational Sciences

A laptop depreciation calculator for Science Leadership Academy.

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