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Sample Size Calculator (Bits)

Added Nov 17, 2010 by SpencerC in Engineering

Given a time, sampling rate, and quantization, returns the number of bits required to store a sample.

Hair Length Calculator

Added Dec 23, 2010 by SpencerC in Health & Medicine

Calculates how long one's hair will be after a given number of days and its current length.


Added Dec 23, 2010 by SpencerC in Socioeconomic Data

Given a current location and the approximate average regional age, calculates, on average, the distance from the user someone is having sex. Uses an alternate form of a Fermi problem outlined in XKCD: http://xkcd.com/563/

Lighting Cost

Added Jan 21, 2011 by SpencerC in Money & Finance

Calculates how much lighting costs.

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