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Layer-thickness calculator

Added Sep 18, 2017 by MDiez in Physics

Enter maximum reflectance in [nm] and the corresponding maximum order plus the refractive index of the layer

Circular 3-Point Regression

Added Aug 11, 2017 by MDiez in Widget Gallery

Circular fit, 3-Point Regression, Radius of Curvature

Roll diameter to length calculator

Added Aug 11, 2017 by MDiez in Technological World

Roll length calculator

Circle fit - cartesian coordinates

Added Aug 10, 2017 by MDiez in Statistics & Data Analysis

Calculates circular cartesian equation for a 3-point approximation

Hollow Core Diameter

Added Jun 23, 2017 by MDiez in Computational Sciences

Hagen–Poiseuille equation to determine hollow core diameter

Griffith Crack Equation

Added Mar 10, 2017 by MDiez in Physics


SAIL Etch calculator

Added Mar 6, 2017 by MDiez in Chemistry

Etch sharpness, aspect ratio

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