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What do I do if I have Windows Media Player installed, but nothing plays?

If you have Windows Media Player installed but do not hear anything when you press Play, you may not have your file types set up properly. You can fix this by enabling MIDI in Windows Media Player's options.

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > Windows Media Player.
  2. In Version 9, move the mouse to the top of the player to display your menus. In Version 10+, right-click the player to get the context menu and go to Tools > Options.
  3. Go to the File Types tab.
  4. In the list of file types, check the box next to "MIDI file (midi)". The other media types will not affect how WolframAlpha uses Windows Media Player.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Close the windows.
  7. Restart your browser.

If you still experience problems, install the latest version of Windows Media Player.