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How do I get Firefox with QuickTime to play sounds in Wolfram|Alpha?

Occasionally, when using Firefox and QuickTime, you will get corrupt .dll files in your browser's directory. Simply reinstall the latest version of QuickTime, which will reset the necessary browser plug-ins.

Or you can remove the plug-in files and reassociate QuickTime with MIDI files.

  1. Shut down any running instances of Firefox and QuickTime.
  2. Open up My Computer and navigate to
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\plugins.
  3. Delete npqtplugin.dll, npqtplugin2.dll, npqtplugin3.dll, npqtplugin4.dll, npqtplugin5.dll, npqtplugin6.dll, and npqtplugin7.dll.
  4. Open QuickTime and reassociate MIDI files with your browser plug-in. See the instructions here.