Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wolfram|Alpha's business model?

Wolfram|Alpha represents the first deployment of a new kind of computing technology. Many different products and services are developing from Wolfram|Alpha and its technology.

Can I build a business based on Wolfram|Alpha?

There are many potential opportunities, particularly around the Wolfram|Alpha API, distribution channels, and data curation. We intend to encourage the best possible business ecosystem around Wolfram|Alpha.

What is the corporate structure of Wolfram|Alpha?

Wolfram Alpha LLC is a privately held spinoff of Wolfram Research, Inc. Wolfram Research is the privately held company that has been developing Mathematica since 1986.

Can I invest in Wolfram|Alpha?

Wolfram Alpha LLC is a private company with no outside investors. There are likely to be corporate investment opportunities in other Wolfram|Alpha-related businesses. Contact us for information.

Is Wolfram|Alpha hiring?

Yes! This is a unique time in our history, and we're expanding rapidly—and looking for exceptional technical, content, and business talent. Apply here.