Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an API for Wolfram|Alpha?

Yes. The Wolfram|Alpha API is available for personal, developer, and commercial use. Visit the For Developers page for details on all of our developer products.

May I put a Wolfram|Alpha box on my website?

Yes. We offer several ways to embed a Wolfram|Alpha query box on your website.

May I use Wolfram|Alpha on my website?

Yes. You can add a Wolfram|Alpha query box to a web page, embed interactive Wolfram|Alpha Widgets onto your blog or website, or use the API to integrate Wolfram|Alpha's results directly in your web application.

May I build an application program that uses Wolfram|Alpha?

Yes. You can incorporate results from Wolfram|Alpha queries directly into your web, mobile, and desktop applications with the Wolfram|Alpha API.

Can I use Wolfram|Alpha from Mathematica?

Yes. If you have Mathematica 8 or higher, Wolfram|Alpha can be accessed directly from the Mathematica notebook. Learn more about this integration here.

Can I use Mathematica code in Wolfram|Alpha?

Yes. Most small pieces of Mathematica code will work in Wolfram|Alpha. In most cases, you can mix the Mathematica code with pseudocode and math.