Frequently Asked Questions

Web & Other Practicalities

What do I need to use Wolfram|Alpha?

All you need to use Wolfram|Alpha is web connectivity and a modern web browser with JavaScript. Supported browsers include the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, and similar. Wolfram|Alpha often makes use of the latest web technologies, and we strongly recommend using the most up-to-date version of your preferred browser.

Can I use Wolfram|Alpha on an iPhone or iPad?

Yes! There's a WolframAlpha App for iPad and a Wolfram|Alpha App for iPhone.

Can I use Wolfram|Alpha on an Android phone?

Yes! Download the Wolfram|Alpha App for Android.

Can I use Wolfram|Alpha on a mobile browser?

Yes! We maintain a mobile-optimized website at

Can I access Wolfram|Alpha offline?

No. Wolfram|Alpha is a web-based service that runs on a large centralized compute cluster. For organizations, see our Business Solutions and learn how to add Wolfram|Alpha to your internal infrastructure.

How do I customize Wolfram|Alpha input and output?

Signed-in users may set preferences such as unit system, currency, time zone, output text size, and similar.

To set your preferences:

  • Sign in to Wolfram|Alpha. If you do not yet have a Wolfram ID, you'll need to create one.
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to your Wolfram ID (top right).
  • Click Preferences.
  • Configure your options under the General, Results, and Home page tabs.
  • Click Save to commit any changes.

If you're unable to sign in, you may be able to use your browser's magnification tools to adjust your view of Wolfram|Alpha.

How can I copy results out of Wolfram|Alpha?

Hover over any result pod and a small toolbar will appear in the bottom-left corner. Click the icon for a plaintext version of that result pod. Select and copy the text as you would any other text on the web.

Can I bookmark Wolfram|Alpha results?

The URLs of Wolfram|Alpha results can be bookmarked. Wolfram|Alpha is not a directory; it computes answers on the fly. Results will be recomputed using your current time and location when visiting a bookmarked Wolfram|Alpha result URL.

You can create a permanent, sharable page out of any Wolfram|Alpha result pod using the Clip 'n Share feature. Hover over the result you wish to share and click the Clip 'n Share icon at the bottom of the highlighted section.

Are there toolbars, widgets, and so on available for Wolfram|Alpha?

Yes. See the Resources & Tools page.

Can I use non-English characters in Wolfram|Alpha input?

Yes. If your browser can handle a special character, Wolfram|Alpha will be able to as well. However, Wolfram|Alpha currently only understands questions in English.

With a Wolfram|Alpha Pro subscription, you have access to an on-screen extended keyboard, allowing you to input additional symbols to give your formulas correct technical formatting. The keyboard includes all common Greek characters and a curated collection of other special characters.

What are the gray sliders that sometimes go across the screen?

The crawling gray lines indicate that your browser is loading results from some of the parallel compute nodes to which parts of your computation have been sent. Sliders may disappear if a result is determined not to be relevant, or if its generation times out.

What does Wolfram|Alpha know about me?

Wolfram|Alpha knows only what your browser transmits to the web server—primarily your IP address, from which Wolfram|Alpha deduces your approximate geographic location. (Note that this information is protected by our Privacy Policy.)

How can I compute with results from Wolfram|Alpha?

There are a few options. Depending on the result, the "Copyable plaintext" dialog may contain pre-formatted Mathematica code you can use directly in Mathematica. The WolframAlpha function in Mathematica 9 enables direct Wolfram|Alpha free-form input in your notebook environment. Finally, Wolfram|Alpha Pro subscribers can download results pages in the Computable Document Format (CDF).

Why can't I hear a sound that Wolfram|Alpha has generated?

Wolfram|Alpha generates sounds in MIDI format. You may need a plug-in for this format. For more information, review our extended FAQ for Playing Sounds in Wolfram|Alpha.