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Wolfram|Alpha Chrome Extension

A faster way to compute and find answers with Wolfram|Alpha,
seamlessly integrated with Google Chrome.

This extension is only available for Google Chrome.
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Chrome extension

Instantly query Wolfram|Alpha from any page or tab

Chrome extension

Omnibox Shortcut

Transform Chrome's omnibox into a Wolfram|Alpha
query field by typing an = sign followed by a tab or

Chrome extension

Wolfram|Alpha Button

Access the Wolfram|Alpha query box with just one
click. You can also right-click the Wolfram|Alpha icon
to change extension options.

Use Wolfram|Alpha on any text selection

Chrome extension

Context Menu

Highlight text to create queries through a context menu
(right-click) entry.

If you have the extension installed, highlight one of these
examples and right-click to try it out:

  • 16th president of the United States
  • San Francisco to Tokyo
  • HTML green
  • Solve x^3-4x^2 + 6x -24 = 0