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The field of dynamics studies forces and torques and their effect on motion. Use Wolfram|Alpha to compute the motion of objects subject to torques and forces. Explore the mechanical advantage of simple machines and calculate the work done by applied forces.


Calculate the motion of objects under the influence of forces and torques.

Do a Newton's second law computation:

Compute impulse:

Compute rolling motion:

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Motion on an Inclined Plane

Analyze the equations of motion of an object on an inclined plane.

Compute motion of a block on an inclined plane:

Compute motion of a round object on an inclined plane:

Find the Hamiltonian of a system:

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Simple Machines

Determine the mechanical advantage of the classical simple machines such as the screw, wedge and lever.

Compute mechanical advantages of simple machines:

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Calculate various forms of work such as rotational, force over distance and force applied at an angle.

Compute mechanical work:

Specify an angle between force and displacement:

Compute rotational work:

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Circular Motion

Calculate motion and forms of acceleration constrained within a circular arc.

Compute torque:

Compute centripetal acceleration:

Compute the Coriolis acceleration in a rotating frame of reference:

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