Electricity & Magnetism


do a Coulomb's law computation

compute electric potential and field strength

find equations associated with a charge distribution

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compute magnetic flux density for an object

compute Lorentz force

compute force on a pair of wires

find the magnetic field strength around a spherical coil

find equations associated with a magnetized object

find the axial field strength of an ideal solenoid

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find information on a moving charge

compute time-dependent electrical potential

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Electromagnetic Radiation

compute Larmor power

compute Larmor frequency

compute a gyromagnetic ratio

visualize the radiation pattern of an antenna

get information about EMR of specified frequency

compute the visible light color corresponding to a frequency

compute the attenuation coefficient for radio waves in air

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Rutherford Scattering

determine the cross section for Rutherford scattering

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Material Properties

look up the value of a material property

apply Paschen's Law

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