Data Input

Automatic Analysis

analyze salaries and statistics for college faculty members

analyze roofing material cost in different cities

analyze funds raised by political candidates

analyze three months of Intel stock data

analyze a list of credit card expenses

analyze a subset of Enron email correspondences

analyze movie purchases in different states

analyze costs of flights starting in London

analyze a list of cities along the silk road

analyze data on GDP vs homicide for African countries

analyze a timeline of personal emails

analyze median house prices in Boston spanning 21 years

analyze Titanic survivors by gender, age, and class

analyze daily temperatures in Rome over 10 years

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Statistical Analysis

perform analysis of variance on funds raised by political candidates

do regression analysis on Titanic survivor data

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Time Series Analysis

compute time series statistics for daily temperatures in Rome

analyze growth of median house prices in Boston

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Geographic Data

generate heat maps for GDP and homicide data for African countries

solve a traveling salesman problem for cities on the silk road

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Data Visualization

visualize a timeline of personal emails

generate a histogram from costs of flights from London

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