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Probability is the quantification of the likelihood that an event or a set of events will occur. Using Wolfram|Alpha's broad computational understanding of probability and expansive knowledge of real-world applications of probability theory, you can compute the chances of winning various games driven by random chance, conduct and analyze the experimental outcomes of random trials, visualize and compute the properties of probability distributions and calculate the probabilities of events given a set of conditions.

Birthday Probabilities

Compute the chance people in a group have of sharing a birthday or investigate the likelihood of people's birthdays falling in a specific date range or month or on a specific day of the week.

Compute the probability of shared birthdays in a group of people:

Specify the number of possible birthdays:

Compute the probability of shared birthdays for a given interval:

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Probability Formulas

Compute the probabilities of various compositions of events or specify individual probabilities to determine the likelihood of some, all or no events occurring.

Compute the probability of a union of events:

Compute a conditional probability:

Compute the probability of a complement:

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