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Common Core Math

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics outline mathematical content to be taught in the United States from kindergarten through high school. The standards were released in 2010 by a state-led coalition of educators and content experts and have since been adopted by 41 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the US Virgin Islands. The CCSS are a comprehensive list of topics that gradually build on each other across grade levels. In particular, the mathematics standards emphasize conceptual understanding and include a focus on real-world applications in addition to mathematical procedures. Broadly, the standards serve as a framework for educators in their goal of providing all students in the United States with rigorous mathematics instruction. The examples compiled in the Common Core math example pages, organized both by grade level and content area, provide a sample of how Wolfram|Alpha can support K–12 math students and teachers. Wolfram|Alpha provides tools for mathematical computation that both affirm previous education models and incorporate the integrated, rigorous approach of the CCSS.

High School Geometry

Discover content covered in the High School Geometry Common Core Standards, including defining geometric objects algebraically and proving geometric theorems.

Find equations for ellipses and hyperbolas (CCSS.Math.Content.HSG-GPE.A.3):

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High School Number & Quantity

Get information about the High School Number & Quantity Common Core Standards, including computing with exponents, vectors and complex numbers.

Compute with rational exponents (CCSS.Math.Content.HSN-RN.A.2):

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High School Statistics & Probability

Explore problems that demonstrate the High School Statistics & Probability Common Core Standards, such as describing datasets and computing probabilities.

Compute conditional probabilities (CCSS.Math.Content.HSS-CP.A.3):

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