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Everyday Astronomy

When you wish to look up a star (or any other celestial body), simply ask Wolfram|Alpha for it by name and find out its distance from Earth, location, size, brightness and more. You can also search for astronomical objects that meet certain criteria. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned hobbyist, set your sights confidently on the skies using our straightforward answers to everyday astronomy questions.

Astronomical Phenomena

Know when your stars will align with date- and location-based data.

Plan for out-of-this-world events:

Look up what you'll see when you look up:

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Backyard Astronomy

Expand your knowledge of space with our vast astronomical information.

Determine your place in the universe:

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Astronomical Trivia

Explore a wide variety of astronomical trivia that extends beyond what you can see in a telescope.

Ask for many different physical and other properties:

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Race to Space

Learn more about scientific investigations of our solar system and beyond.

Examine a brief history of space exploration:

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