Money & Finance
A few examples of what you can ask Wolfram|Alpha about:
find and analyze current data about a stock
compare several stocks
do computations with stock data
get information about a futures contract
specify a commodity by ticker symbol
Mortgages & Loans
do a mortgage computation
use input fields to enter values for a mortgage calculation
compute an adjustable-rate mortgage
Present Value
compute a future value
compute a present value
use input fields to specify data for an interest calculation
get currency conversions
do a mixed currency computation
look up physical properties of money
compute a tip
split a bill among several people
use input fields to specify data for bond valuation
get data about US government bonds
Derivatives Valuation
use input fields to specify data for option valuation
analyze option strategies (butterfly, straddle, collar, etc.)
compute salary equivalents
get salary data for a given profession
get US income tax data for a specified AGI
get data on deductions
get local sales tax information
compare sales tax rates
compute the current value of a historical quantity of US money
compute historical equivalent value of today's US money
convert one historical quantity of US money to another