Dates & Times
A few examples of what you can ask Wolfram|Alpha about:
find out the current date and time
specify a date by its place on the calendar
do computations with birth dates and other data
calculate a length of time
get information about a time zone
get the current time in a specified city
generate a calendar for a month
generate a calendar for a year
get information about the calendar
Islamic Prayer Times
find information about Islamic prayer times
compute the date of a holiday
compute the dates of holidays for a given year
do computations with holidays
Recurring Events
get information about a recurring event
compare information for past events
Birth and Death Dates
find people born on a specified date
find the birth or death date of a person
Unix Time
get the Unix encoding for the current time
get the Unix encoding for an arbitrary date and time
translate a Unix time encoding
get information about a geological eon, era, period, or epoch
find the geological epoch corresponding to a given time
find birthstones for a specified month
specify a date
find the Ayurvedic birthstones for a month
Birth Flowers
find birth flowers for a specified month
Wedding Anniversaries
find names for a specified wedding anniversary
find gifts associated with all wedding anniversaries