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BMI Calculator

Added Jul 7, 2016 in Health & Medicine

A simple BMI calculator

BMI Calculator

Added Mar 28, 2016 by k3thomps in Food & Nutrition

Body Mass Index Calculator

Ideal BMI Calculator

Added Feb 28, 2016 by Ideal BMI in Health & Medicine

Know your BMI..?

BMI Calculator

Added Feb 26, 2016 by Tips & Trik in Health & Medicine

tips dan trik kesehatan dan kecantikan

BMI Calculator

Added Feb 20, 2016 by mgrbik in Food & Nutrition

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Added Feb 10, 2016 by hoomantt in Colors

محاسبه شاخص توده ای بدن

BMI Calculator

Added Feb 9, 2016 by naveed54 in Health & Medicine

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. 1. Enter your weight and height. 2. Select "Calculate" and your BMI will appear below.

BMI Calculator

Added Dec 31, 2015 by sroyappa in Health & Medicine

BMI calculator where user can enter any units and even a mix of metric and non-metric units.

BMI Calculator

Added Dec 30, 2015 by sidthesuperkid in Food & Nutrition

Copy of anothoer widget

BMI Calculator

Added Dec 25, 2015 by BenGoldStone in Food & Nutrition

Calculator measuring your body height to weight ratio.

Dr Shweta's BMI Calculator

Added Dec 24, 2015 in Health & Medicine

BMI Calculator

La-Leach BMI Calculator

Added Dec 16, 2015 by LaLeach in Health & Medicine

Calculates Body mass index, guides to correct proportionates the weight against height of an individual.

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