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Wolfram|Alpha and STATS Team Up to Bring Football Data to Fans

Champaign, Illinois—January 13, 2012—Wolfram|Alpha announced today a partnership with STATS LLC, the world's leading sports information, content, and technology provider, that allows football fans to use the computational knowledge engine to explore statistics for every NFL team, game, and player from the past 25 years.

With the addition of NFL data to its knowledge base, Wolfram|Alpha goes beyond what is currently possible with sports statistics. Plugging a query into a search engine will return pages and pages of links for fans to wade through. The same queries in Wolfram|Alpha will return specific, accurate results and automatically generate concise statistical summaries, along with visualizations of team and player performance over time.

"Since Wolfram|Alpha launched in 2009, our users have pushed us to allow them to explore sports data in a way that is only possible with Wolfram|Alpha," says Luc Barthelet, Executive Director of Wolfram|Alpha. "There are plenty of online resources available to provide fans with big, static tables of team or player statistics. However, our goal is to do for sports what we've done for hundreds of other areas of data: give you direct answers to specific questions, through an intuitive natural-language interface."

Curious about playoff competitors? Ask Wolfram|Alpha to "compare Denver Broncos, New England Patriots" or "compare Tim Tebow and Tom Brady in 2011," and you'll get a head-to-head comparison of team and player statistics for the current season. What about past matchups? Try "Giants versus Packers games." If you want to see how the Packers previously fared with a home-field advantage, you could even ask "Packers home games versus the Giants." Fans can ask Wolfram|Alpha to "compare QB ratings from Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady." And Wolfram|Alpha delves into player versus team matchups with queries such as "Drew Brees games versus the 49ers with more than 300 passing yards." Fans can also dig a little deeper by asking for "most points scored by a safety," "Saints running back with the most yards per reception," "NFC East team with the most rushing touchdowns," or "NFL team with the worst third-down conversion percentage." These are just a few examples of the types of queries possible in Wolfram|Alpha with STATS data. For more examples, please visit the Wolfram|Alpha Guide to Pro Football Stats.

Wolfram|Alpha, which currently offers NFL data starting in 1985, will continue to develop and enhance its professional football coverage, along with improved analysis and visualization of player and team performance leading into next season. In the future, Wolfram|Alpha will also include data on baseball, basketball, and other professional sports.

The inclusion of STATS data is Wolfram|Alpha's next step in making the world's knowledge computable. Recently Wolfram|Alpha has revealed other unique approaches to computing everyday information, such as telling you what planes are flying overhead or helping you shop for appliances and consumer electronics. For more information on Wolfram|Alpha, please visit the Wolfram|Alpha Press Center.

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