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Wolfram|Alpha and DuckDuckGo Partner on API Binding and Search Integration

April 18, 2011—Today, in conjunction with DuckDuckGo, we are happy to share that Wolfram|Alpha and DuckDuckGo have entered a new phase of our relationship as official partners. As a result of this partnership, DuckDuckGo will expand Wolfram|Alpha integration into its search site and will maintain the now-official Wolfram|Alpha API Perl binding.

Users of the up-and-coming search site DuckDuckGo know that the site is unique because it doesn't track history, contains less spam, features a cute bow tie-wearing duck, and provides zero-click information that immediately pops up under the search box. Since the release of the Wolfram|Alpha API, DuckDuckGo has been gradually integrating Wolfram|Alpha's computational knowledge engine into its offerings, providing users with dynamically computed facts.

Our friendship began when Gabriel Weinberg, Founder of DuckDuckGo, volunteered to be an early Wolfram|Alpha tester. He went on to develop the now-official Wolfram|Alpha Perl API binding and began featuring select Wolfram|Alpha functionality on DuckDuckGo.

"Integrating Wolfram|Alpha into DuckDuckGo was a no-brainer decision, as it can provide instant answers for a broad range of general search queries that are otherwise not easy to get answers to. That's because Wolfram|Alpha does deep processing of a lot of non-web datasets", said Weinberg.

"Our primary goal with the launch of version 2 of the API in January was to open Wolfram|Alpha to all developers and their broad spectrum of clever ideas", said Wolfram|Alpha's Schoeller Porter, Architect, Developer Relations. "Gabriel and DuckDuckGo exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit by integrating Wolfram|Alpha's computed knowledge into web search in a compelling, relevant, and ingenious way. We're excited to be a part of DuckDuckGo's continued growth".

So what does this new partnership mean for you? If you are a DuckDuckGo user, you'll start to notice expanded Wolfram|Alpha integration. DuckDuckGo will start adding more Wolfram|Alpha functionality and datasets based on users' suggestions. If there's a specific topic area you'd like to see integrated into DuckDuckGo, your suggestions are welcome.

If you are a Perl developer with creative ideas for integrating Wolfram|Alpha into your application, you can take advantage of the free Wolfram|Alpha Perl API binding. "The Wolfram Perl API gives you a straightforward Perl object-oriented data structure to work with that is based on the Wolfram|Alpha output", said Weinberg. "The Perl API abstracts away the connecting and parsing aspects of working with the Wolfram|Alpha API, giving you a straightforward Perl object-oriented data structure to work with in your programs".

Wolfram|Alpha and DuckDuckGo are looking forward to sharing future integrations and API development.

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