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Assuming "trigonometric functions" is a general topic | Use as referring to a mathematical definition or a class of mathematical terms or a class of mathematical identities instead

Trigonometric Calculations

compute values of trigonometric functions


tan(60 deg)

compute values of inverse trigonometric functions


Trigonometric Functions

compute properties of a trigonometric function

cos x


compute properties of an inverse trigonometric function

arccot x

plot a trigonometric function

plot sin(x)

analyze a trigonometric function of a complex variable


analyze a trigonometric polynomial

cos(x) + 1/2 cos(2x) + 1/4 cos(4x)

generate a table of special values of a function

closed-form values of tan(x)

compute the root mean square of a periodic function

root mean square 3sin(t)-2cos(2t)

root mean square squarewave(t/3) + sin(pi t)

Trigonometric Identities

find multiple-angle formulas

expand sin 4x

find addition formulas

expand sin(x+y+z)

find other trig identities

factor sin x + sin y

Trigonometric Equations

solve a trigonometric equation

sin x + cos x = 1

Trigonometric Theorems

apply a trigonometric theorem

law of cosines

law of sines a=6cm, b=8cm, alpha=40deg

Spherical Trigonometry

apply a theorem of spherical trigonometry

law of haversines

compute the period of a periodic function

period of the sine function

period y=sin(x)*cos(3x)

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