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compute mechanical work

work F=30N, d=100m

compute centripetal acceleration

centripetal acceleration, 30mph, 500 ft

do a gravitation calculation

gravitation calculation

do an ideal gas law computation

ideal gas law 2.2mol, 2.0atm, 500K

find the Maxwell speed distribution of a gas

msd for neon at 800 K

do computations with Joule's law

Joule's law u=3V, R=1ohm for 10s

analyze an adiabatic process

adiabatic process Vi=10L, Vf=2L, pi=1atm

use input fields to specify data for an Ohm's law computation

Ohm's law calculator

find equations associated to a magnetized object

magnetized ball

do computations using the thin lens equation

lens, f=20ft, o=400ft

compute a diffraction pattern for a circular aperture

circular aperture a=0.2mm, lambda=650nm

do relativistic addition of velocities

add velocities, 8e7 m/s, 8e7 m/s

compute relativistic momentum

relativistic momentum electron, 0.8c

compute the stopping power of a material

stopping power air 0.5MeV electron

get information about an isotope

iodine 131

compute photon energy given wavelength

photon energy 435nm

compute a Compton wavelength

Compton wavelength proton

look up atomic spectra

atomic spectrum of nitrogen

get information about a particle


do a calculation with particle properties

mass proton / electron

compare the values of a property for a class of particles

mass boson

compute the orbital period of a massive body orbiting another

Kepler's third law, 4 solar masses, 5 Earth masses, 2.5 AU

compute cosmological properties of the universe

1 billion years after the big bang

compute properties of a black hole

black hole 10 solar masses

get the value of a physical constant

speed of light

Schwinger field strength

do computations involving constants

Planck mass / mass of electron

find out about Newton's laws

Newton's laws

find out about Brownian motion

Brownian motion

learn about a paradox in quantum mechanics

EPR paradox

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