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Assuming "physics" is a general topic | Use as a word instead
compute mechanical work
compute centripetal acceleration
do a gravitation calculation
do an ideal gas law computation
find the Maxwell speed distribution of a gas
do computations with Joule's law
analyze an adiabatic process
use input fields to specify data for an Ohm's law computation
find equations associated to a magnetized object
do computations using the thin lens equation
compute a diffraction pattern for a circular aperture
do relativistic addition of velocities
compute relativistic momentum
compute the stopping power of a material
get information about an isotope
compute photon energy given wavelength
compute a Compton wavelength
look up atomic spectra
get information about a particle
do a calculation with particle properties
compare the values of a property for a class of particles
compute the orbital period of a massive body orbiting another
compute cosmological properties of the universe
compute properties of a black hole
get the value of a physical constant
do computations involving constants
find out about Newton's laws
find out about Brownian motion
learn about a paradox in quantum mechanics
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