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Assuming "geography" is a general topic | Use as an occupation or a word instead
Places & Geography
get information about a country


get information about a US state


compare several counties

Orange County California, Orange County Florida

get information about a city

Buenos Aires

request a specific property of a school district

Mars Area School District total teachers

locate a ZIP code

ZIP 60637

generate maps of a specified country

Argentina map

look up your IP address and estimate your location

Where am I?

get information about a mountain

Mt Hood

get information about a group of islands

Galapagos Islands

get information about an ocean

Atlantic Ocean

compare several waterfalls

Niagara Falls, Yosemite Falls, Colonial Creek Falls

get information about a structure

Golden Gate Bridge

do computations with properties of structures

height CN Tower / Merchandise Mart

get information about a college or university

New York University

compare hospitals

Mayo Clinic, Olmsted Medical Center

specify an airport by its FAA code


get information about US military facilities

NAS Jacksonville base

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