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Assuming "economics" is a general topic | Use as an occupation or a class of mathematical terms or a word instead
Socioeconomic Data
Economic Data
compare economic data for the US

US unemployment rate vs real minimum wage

get economic data for a US state

New York tax revenue

World Economy

get economic data for a country

2005 lending interest rate in Argentina

value of Mexican peso

get business data for a country

How long does it take to start a business in Russia?

informal payments to public officials in India

new businesses registered in Europe

get salary data for a given occupation

intercity bus driver salary

minimum wage in Texas

do computations with salary figures

salary waiter / forester

Workforce Data

get workforce statistics for a country

family workers in South Korea

self-employed workers in Canada

specify a group of countries

North America part time employment

compare countries

contributing family workers of Japan vs. Phillipines

do computations with workforce data

self-employed workers in Canada/self-employed workers in UK

Wealth Distribution

get information about wealth distribution per country

poverty in russia

Gini index of African countries

compare poverty statistics between countries

poverty in Turkey vs Georgia

get unemployment data for a US state

unemployment rate North Dakota

compare unemployment in several US cities

unemployment rate NYC, Chicago

get cost of living indices for a city

cost of living index Boston

compute a cost of living comparison

moving from St Louis to San Francisco salary $42,500

get data on meat production in a given country

Spain meat production

get livestock population data

Brazil livestock

get data on energy resources

China energy production

get energy price data

price of electricity in Illinois

get home value data

median home value Madison, WI

compare house prices in several cities

house prices Phoenix, St. Louis, Miami

get an overview of health care costs in a country

Canada healthcare expenditures

get details of health care costs

prescription expenses in Sweden


get trade statistics

Norway trade surplus

do computations with trade statistics

US export value / import value

export costs in singapore vs france


get tourism statistics

visitors to New Zealand

visitors to China, Thailand

get telecommunications data for a country

telecommunications in Malaysia

get data for a class of countries

internet users in South America

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