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Words & Linguistics
Word Puzzles


find anagrams of a word or phrase

anagrams trace

anagrams pepsi cola

find letter bank words

letter bank tale


find words matching a pattern



find words with a specified beginning

words starting with tric

find words with a specified ending

words ending with ager


calculate Scrabble® scores for a word and its subsets

Scrabble xylophone

find words matching Scrabble® tiles on a rack

scrabble aatsgre

words with qsp

Rhyming Words

find rhyming words

words that rhyme with demand

Letter Combinations

find words found within a specified set of letters

word subsets recycle

word subsets aelrstt

find words containing a set of letters, in order, only those letters, or at least those letters

words containing late

words containing alphapro

words containing eeqz


find possible decodings of a cryptogram

cryptograms krkrpl


learn what an acronym stands for

acronym WHO

acronym USSS

acronym ACE

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