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Assuming "chemical element" is a general topic | Use as a class of elements or a word instead
Chemical Elements


get information about a chemical element


specify an element by symbol


specify an element by atomic number

element 92

compare several elements

silver, gold

N, O, F

Element Properties

request a property of a chemical element

atomic weight of mercury

Kr density

element 12 boiling point

compare properties of multiple elements

conductivity sulfur, silicon, copper

request a particular class of data about an element

carbon crystallography

iron magnetism

abundance Na

do computations using properties of chemical elements

density gold / lead

Classes of Elements

get information about a class of chemical elements


radioactive elements

compare properties of a class of elements

density of lanthanides

metal melting point

find elements meeting given criteria

10 densest elements

plot a property for a class of elements

melting points of alkaline earth metals

compare classes of elements

nonmetals vs Alkali metals

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