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Assuming "baseball" is a general topic | Use as a physical activity or a sport object or referring to a mathematical definition or a video game or a word or a movie instead
Sports & Games
Major League Baseball


get information about an MLB team

San Francisco Giants

compare several teams

New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox

blue jays, indians, astros

get information about a division

NL East

request a team statistic

St. Louis Cardinals hits

Royals double plays

compare teams by a specified statistic

runs allowed Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers

get historical team stats

Boston Red Sox home runs in 2003

Pirates triple plays in 2009

rank MLB teams by specified criteria

MLB team with the most walks

which AL East team has the worst OBP


get stats for an MLB player

Mike Trout

get historical player statistics

Tony Gwynn batting average 1994

which first baseman had the most home runs in 1998

compare player stats

Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols

rank MLB players by specified criteria

tallest MLB player

Which pitcher had the most strikeouts thrown in 2005?

find MLB players meeting specified criteria

which MLB players had more than 50 home runs in 1998


get information about MLB games

Cubs vs White Sox on June 29, 2008

world series games 1989

MLB games on Saturday, June 23, 2012

rank MLB games by specified criteria

longest MLB game in 2002

find MLB games meeting specified criteria

MLB games with more than 40 hits and more than 30 runs

last pro baseball game with more than 9 stolen bases

When was the last time the Brewers won an away game against the Royals?

calculate pitcher statistics

game score

calculate player offensive statistics

on base plus slugging

calculate player offensive statistics

Pythagorean expectation

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