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compute asymptotes of a function

asymptotes (2x^3 + 4x^2 - 9)/(3 - x^2)

asymptotes of erf(x)

find asymptotes of a curve given by an equation

asymptotes x^2 + y^3 = (x y)^2

Vertical Asymptotes

compute vertical asymptotes

vertical asymptotes

vertical asymptotes cot(x)

vertical asymptotes (x^5 - 12x^3 + 9x)/(x^3 - 4x)

Horizontal Asymptotes

compute horizontal asymptotes

horizontal asymptotes

horizontal asymptotes -2x / sqrt(1+x^2)

horizontal asymptotes tanh(x^2)

Oblique Asymptotes

compute oblique asymptotes

slant asymptote

oblique asymptotes (4x^3 + 1)/(x^2 - 1)

Curvilinear Asymptotes

compute polynomial asymptotes of a rational function

curvilinear asymptote

polynomial asymptotes (x^12 - x^6 + 1)/(x^8 - 16x^4 + 4)

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