Word Properties

Wolfram|Alpha's word data content provides even more than the definitions, synonyms and antonyms found in a dictionary or thesaurus. Review word origins with our etymology functionality. See how often a word has been used over time with word frequency. Make a game of it with rhymes, anagrams and scrabble scores.


Ascertain knowledge about copious diverse characteristics of words.

find definitions and other properties of a word

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Dictionary Lookup

Find word definitions and pronunciations.

find the definition of a word

find a phonetic representation for a word

find the pronunciation of a word

find lexically close words

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Find synonyms and both broader and narrower terms.

look up synonyms of a given word

look up hypernyms (broader terms) for a given word

look up hyponyms (narrower terms) for a given word

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Discover language origins with word etymology.

find the etymology of a word

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Word Frequency

See how often a word has been used in the past.

get data on the frequency of a word

get historical word frequency data

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Notable Word Uses

Discover places and things that use a particular word.

find places or things using a particular word

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Learn what acronyms stand for.

learn what an acronym stands for

decrypt a texting acronym

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