Food Science

Food and nutrition is an integral part of everyday life, including agricultural data, nutrition and food prices. With detailed nutritional data on thousands of foods and knowledge of dietary guidelines, Wolfram|Alpha can be used to plan healthy meals. Cooking times and meal preparation data can be used to plan meals accurately.


Access nutritional data for thousands of foods.

analyze nutritional information for a food

look up daily recommended values

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Food Comparisons and Combinations

Compare and analyze the nutrition of foods and food combinations.

compare foods

compare the amount of a particular nutrient in multiple foods

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Food Preparation

Plan how much food to make and how long it will take to prepare.

learn how big a turkey is necessary to feed a group of people

determine how long it takes to cook a turkey

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Branded Foods

Analyze and compare nutrition of brand name foods.

specify a food by brand name

compare nutrition labels of branded foods

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US Food Prices

Find historic and current prices for foods in the US.

get average US prices for a given food

get average prices for food in a specified city

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