File Upload

Basic Formats

analyze a text file

analyze a spreadsheet file

analyze a tabular data file

generate a bitmap image of a binary file

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Vector Graphics Formats

view a vector graphics file

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3D Geometry & Modeling Formats

upload and analyze a 3D geometric model

view and rotate a 3D model

compute properties of a 3D geometric model

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Audio Formats

analyze an audio file

display the waveform of an audio file

generate a spectrogram

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Scientific & Medical Formats

analyze a file containing EEG data

extract metadata from a file

analyze a scientific image

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Chemical Formats

analyze a molecule model file

visualize the 3D structure of a molecule

analyze a nucleic acid sequence

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Mathematical Formats

upload and analyze a graph

compute a property of a graph

analyze a matrix file

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Document Formats

analyze an HTML file

analyze an MBOX file

construct a timeline from an MBOX file

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analyze an XML file

visualize an XHTML file as a tree

display typeset expressions from a MathML file

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