When a mathematical expression is complicated, it is often useful to transform the expression into a form that is easier to understand. That's where simplification comes in. All sorts of math terms have equivalent forms that are more intelligible. Wolfram|Alpha can be used as a simplification calculator to simplify polynomials, Booleans, numbers, rational functions and many other math objects.


Simplify radicals, polynomials or any other math expression.

simplify an expression

simplify a polynomial expression

simplify a rational expression

simplify a trigonometric expression

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Factorize quadratic expressions and higher-degree expressions.

factor a polynomial

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Expand mathematical expressions using FOIL and other methods.

expand a polynomial

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Completing the Square

Simplify a polynomial by completing the square.

complete a square

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Partial Fractions

Transform rational expressions by splitting them apart into partial fractions.

compute a partial fraction decomposition

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Boolean Simplification

Find simplified forms of Boolean statements.

perform Boolean algebra simplification

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