Health & Medicine
A few examples of what you can ask Wolfram|Alpha about:
compute various body statistics based on height, weight, etc.
compute body mass index
compute growth charts
Blood Alcohol Content
compute blood alcohol content
compute estimated risk of heart disease
get information about a specified disease
compare life expectancies in several countries
compute life expectancy and survival probabilities
get data on deaths from a specific cause
get information about a medical test
get information about a test result
get gender and age-specific information about a test result
estimate conception and due dates
compute mean plasma glucose from HbA1c level
get information about visual acuity
get information about an eyeglass prescription
get information about a specified tooth
get information about a class of teeth
specify a drug by brand name
specify a drug by generic name
get drug interaction information
Nuclear Medicine
compute biological properties of radionuclides
get an overview of health care costs in a country
get details of health care costs
compare health indicators of countries
Public Health
get HIV/AIDS statistics