Electric Circuits
A few examples of what you can ask Wolfram|Alpha about:
compute resonance frequency of an LC circuit
analyze an RLC circuit
analyze a parallel RL circuit
analyze a parallel RC circuit
examine op amp circuit configurations
compute characteristics of an AC signal
calculate the power used across an electrical component
do computations with Joule's law
Ohm's Law
use input fields to specify data for an Ohm's law computation
compute with Ohm's law
compute resistance for resistors in parallel
calculate the color code for a resistor
compute resistance from resistor color code
compute capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor
compute capacitance for capacitors in series
compute capacitive reactance
determine the capacitance of physical systems
compute inductive reactance
find the energy stored in an inductor
determine the inductance of physical systems
compute properties of a diode
compute characteristics of a Butterworth filter
compute characteristics of a Chebyshev filter